Recent Media

Expedition Sasquatch: Legend of the Manliest Dad Series Expedition Sasquatch: Legend of the Manliest Dad

Chasing the elusive Sasquatch and the notion of the Ideal Dad.…

Feed the Fight Series Feed the Fight

How do we feed out spirit and become spiritually stronger?

Way Out Series Way Out

Leaning into the Holy Spirit and listening to that voice, can…

You Have to Fight Series You Have to Fight

Submit to God, then resist the Devil.


Father's Day 2017

Dads take on their biggest challenge of all--chasing their family.

Fighting Temptations

Being tempted isn't a sin; it's what you do next that counts.


Everyone has a story and everyone's story is important.

Life on Mission

God's people finding God's heart for the world.

Leap of Faith

Tithing is a faith issue.

Love & Respect

Love God - Love Each Other


How are your choices affecting your life?

New Year's Day 2017

Start the new year the right way.

Making Room for Christmas

Choose to make room for Christmas this year.

Contribute Sunday 11-20-16

Here's a glance at Contribute Sunday, 2016.


Dealing with worry because, let's face it--we all do it.

Keeping Your Soul Healthy

Focus on what's really important


SALT Ministries

Becoming God's People

The story of Exodus is our story too.

Building Character

Character still matters.

Father's Day 2016

In a hurry...

Extreme Generosity

Making generosity a way of life.

God Never Said That

Did God really say that, or did we make it up?

Mother's Day 2016

You are not a unicorn!

The Case for Grace

What does grace look like?

Easter 2016

Easter--letting God save us by breaking down every wall.

Who is God?

Who is God and what does that mean for our everyday lives?

Valentine's Day - 2-14-16 Scott Swelbar

It's Valentine's Day; you know we want to talk about love.

How Did I Get Here?

Searching through Scriptural guidelines to help prevent spiritual crisis.

New Year 2016

Thoughts for the New Year


Taking a look at a few things, before we enter the new year.

Christmas: The Untold Story

Explore what was happening during the time of Jesus' birth.

Let's Get Real

It's time to get real!

Youth Sunday

Our Senior High students lead us in worship.

Celebrate Connect Contribute

The Three C's: Celebrate, Connect, Contribute!

How Jesus Taught

Looking at the way Jesus taught with parables and how that still works today.

Summer at the Movies (2015)

Finding Biblical truths in some of our favorite movies.

1st John

A five week series looking at the Book of 1st John