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Jesus Hates Prideful Responses Series' Jesus Hates Prideful Responses

If you battle with an "I Can Do it Myself" pride, it's time to humble yourself…

Jesus Hates Hypocritcal Living Series' Jesus Hates Hypocritcal Living

Hypocrisy is the difference between what we say and how we live.

Jesus Hates Empty Worship Series' Jesus Hates Empty Worship

It comes down to who or what is truly worthy of our worship.

Jesus Hates Spiritual Indifference Series' Jesus Hates Spiritual Indifference

Every day, do something that requires faith.

Jesus Hates Covenant Breaking Series' Jesus Hates Covenant Breaking

Faithfulness is an inseparable part of God's character. He wants his followers…

Jesus Hates Injustice Tolerating Series' Jesus Hates Injustice Tolerating

When people see us do good things, they will see Jesus.

Jesus Hates Sinner Judging Series' Jesus Hates Sinner Judging

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Jesus Hates Children Blocking Series' Jesus Hates Children Blocking

"Whoever welcomes one of these little ones in my name welcomes me..." Mark…