Elevate runs every Wednesday Night from 6:30-8:00 at our Fairfield Twp. Location. Every eight weeks at Elevate we will go on a new adventure to new locations as we explore God at work in our lives . At Elevate students will learn through creative teaching, video skits, games, discipleship activities, and music. 


Welcome to the Anaconda Mountain range! It’s home to some of the world’s toughest peaks and also home to Altitude, the best base camp and climbing shop there is. We’ll join the shop owner, Cliff, and his newest employee, Hitch, as they guide climbing teams up the seven peaks. And to help everyone make it to the top, we’ll learn lessons from the Beatitudes in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount! So pack all your climbing gear, assemble the team, and double check weather conditions, because it’s time to climb some mountains!