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Jim Smith
Jim Smith

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS ~ 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Adult Groups and Children's programming end April 24th

Whether you're 8 months, 8 years, or 8 decades old, we've got something for you... 


Elevate Jr. (Ages 3-K)

Join us for "Spy Chase."  Pogo, Dot & Agent O need your help to uncover why the people of Spy City are not being friendly to each other.  Put on your spy glasses and get ready to discover lessons on friendship from great friends in the Bible.  * This class is only available to parents who attend a Wednesday night group / ministry team.


Elevate  (Grades 1-4) 

Join us for "The Great Race" as champion racer Kip Daring goes head to head with evil Dr. Despair in 8 different races.  Along the way, children will learn what the Bible has to say about not giving up through the story of Nehemiah.


Middle School Ministry (Grades 5-8)

Game night on Jan. 9th.  We dive into "Deep" on Jan. 13th.  When you're little, playing in the shallow end of the pool is fun.  As we grow, we desire to try something new ~ like the diving board or water slide.  But in order to do those things, we have to move from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end.  Our faith is the same way.  If we want to experience all the good things God has for us, we must move from the shallow end to the deep end of our faith.  The trick is staying focused on our lifeguard:  Jesus.  As we focus on Jesus, our confidence that He won't let us sink grows each day and, before we know it, we have moved from the shallow end to the deep end.


Young Family's Small Group ~ Meets in Classroom 204 

Caleb and Kylie Payne along with their two young children want to start a new small group for families with young kids.  We dive into things that parents with young kids will find useful.  Come find community with us. 


Marriage Group ~ Meets in Classroom 206

Join us for "Sex, Love & Communication," a 4 week study by Jimmy Evans.  When you and your spouse were dating, communication happened naturally.  When you're married, successful communication becomes intentional.  The key to achieving the love & intimacy you desire is found within your words.  Vibrant communication, romantic love, and fulfilling sex are more than just a fantasy, they can become reality.  In this inspiring series, learn the secrets to having a satisfying relationship:  How to strengthen the foundation of your marriage, The power of positive speech, How to overcome dysfunctional communication, and Becoming one sexually, emotionally & Spiritually. Fall in love all over again.  Create lasting passion that grows over time.  Class led by John & Jeri Carroll. 




12 Steps to Recovery

Christian 12 Step Support Group

This group's purpose is to provide support to people who are struggling with various compulsive issues that rob the person of the joy and peace that God has intended. The group uses a Christian perspective on the 12 Step program. Contact Barb Levine at

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