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Groups and Children's programming begins Sept 5th

Whether you're 8 months, 8 years, or 8 decades old, we got something for you



Young Family's Small Group

Wednesdays 6:30-8 (Classroom 206)

Caleb and Kylie Payne along with their two young children want to start a new small group for families with young kids.  We'll begin with the church-wide series "Love Where You Live" and then dive into more things that parents with young kids will find useful.  Come find community with us.



Marriage Group ~ New Class Begins Oct. 17th

Meeting in the Modular Building (Room 300) 6:30-8pm

Pastor Kerry & Chris Shook have come to understand that all relationship health flows out of one thing ~ a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We will look at 4 of their most helpful & transformative messages filled with Biblical wisdom and practical principles for keeping your closest relationships strong and fulfilling. * A Recipe for Relating      * Fighting for Connection      * The One Thing     * Love is More Than a Feeling. Group is led by John & Jeri Carroll and we meet in Classroom #300 (modular unit)


Jesus Hates _________ Small Group

Starts Sept 19th, 6:30-8

This small group will go along with the sermon series where we outline those injustices that make God angry. In the small groups we will dive deeper into discussion and the scripture that we cover on Sunday mornings.




12 Steps to Recovery/ Wednesdays in room 209

Christian 12 Step Support Group

This group's purpose is to provide support to people who are struggling with various compulsive issues that rob the person of the joy and peace that God has intended. The group uses a Christian perspective on the 12 Step program. Contact Barb Levine at

Childcare Provided/ Register Above