We believe Community Christian Church is a special place. It’s a place to belong, a place to call home. Leadership and staff are committed to improving, deepening and expanding the CCC experience. We’ve determined that we need to overcome a few barriers to reach the next level of our God-driven potential. Here are our focus areas:

  • Expand and Improve Our Facility
  • Refocus on mission/community outreach and service
  • Provide more connection and growth opportunities for adults
  • Provide the best possible leadership and guidance for our students
  • Develop CCC into a central spot for the people of greater Fairfield/Liberty Twp/Trenton by providing needed facilities, programs and support



We completed our last major building project fifteen years ago, in 2002. Since then, we’ve been running at or above capacity in our children’s area. We sacrificed adult connection space so the Children’s Ministry would have the space they needed.They quickly outgrew any and all space they were given. The Student Ministry was placed in the modular building which served them well for several years. Unfortunately, time has caught up with that facility and it’s no longer an area we can be proud of.

A new building will provide the Children’s and Student Ministries with an outstanding area that allows room to grow. It will be safer, more secure and something we can be proud of. Our existing building will get some much-needed updates and improvements as well. We’ll update the preschool and nursery area so it’s even safer and more secure for our little ones. We’ll transform the lower part of the building into comfortable adult connection space, giving them the opportunity for spiritual growth and deeper connections. 


Refocus on mission/community outreach and service


Community has a long history of providing service and helping others outside our walls. We’ve helped a lot of people over the years. However, there’s room to do more. Through this campaign, we’ll look at new ways to help people in our own backyard. We’ll explore opportunities to help the homeless population throughout Butler Co, or provide more assistance for the Sycamore and Mars neighborhoods, located in Trenton. We’re looking at the possibility of assisting a new church developing in Jackson, KY. We also want to partner with New Mission Systems International to help send missionaries to the darkest parts of the world. Together we can and will do a better job of building God’s Kingdom locally, regionally and internationally.


Provide more connection and growth opportunities for adults


Since 2005, CCC has been unable to provide space for adults to use for Bible studies and small group connections. During building renovations, we’ll turn the lower part of our existing building into an Adult Learning and Connection Center. Providing this new area will help both new and experienced Christians, grow spiritually deeper through Bible study, and develop stronger relationships with each other. Overall, this will help CCC grow and mature as well.



Provide the best possible leadership and guidance for our students

We’re at a crossroads in history. The world is changing and the        future of Christianity is at stake. As we move into a post-Christian society, it’s important that we develop our children and teens into strong Christians with a firm foundation. We need to make sure       we’ve provided the very best leadership and positive, Christ-centered guidance that we can for our youth. To do this, we must invest   whatever we need to financially and facilities-wise to ensure our Christian heritage and morals survive into the future.







There’s a need within our community for places that are open and available for meetings and gatherings of all sizes, from large groups to one-on-one business meetings. We’d like to see CCC become the place people think of when they’re looking for a facility. We want to encourage our building to be used for sports leagues, team practices, family reunions and any other event you could think of. We’re even looking into the possibility of developing a preschool. The important thing is that we want the building to be used often. We want our community to feel welcome. Hopefully, this will lead to people feeling at home at CCC and in time, building a relationship with Christ.


Through this Capital Campaign, CCC will have the opportunity to impact people at all levels. Together we can accomplish great things. We’ll develop and grow, one life at a time, helping people and being a light in our community. A Life—A Church—A Community. That’s what it’s all about.