High School is where the ground shifts and foundations are built. There is a lot going on in High school from math that can make your head spin to figuring out how personal responsibility will define the future.  Students in High school are busy developing into the adults they soon will be and want to be.  We hope to help inspire the desire to be world changers and impactful to God’s Kingdom as well as to help them know that they matter. 

9:00 am Service ~ Open Small group that offers creative teaching moments and opportunities to build relationships.

11:15 am Service ~ Worship Service in the Student Fellowship area (Modular Building).

Below is our series, we will be focusing on at either service time.



Speed limits. Data limits. Time limits. Age limits. There’s nothing fun about having limits set between us and what we want. And although some limits are good, most of the time it just feels like we’d be better off without them. Many of us feel like our lives, our stories, and our futures are limited in one way or another—like who we are and who we can become have limits. This was especially true for one of the earliest and most famous guys in the Bible, Moses. Because of who he was, where he came from, and what he did, Moses must have felt like his potential was limited. But God had other plans. And through Moses’ story we’ll discover that when we allow God to direct our story, the possibilities are limitless.