Student Ministries 5th-12 Grade

We have setup a place where students can discover an authentic relationship to Gods story thru their lives, His Epic journey. Everything we do from our lesson series, crazy games, music, retreats, and service opportunities, funnel to our unifying pieces of that journey, How are we Connecting, Celebrating and Contributing like Jesus. We would love to have you come join the journey with us!


 Middle School 5th-8th Grade

During Middle school we know it’s a chaotic environment for students due to new school environments, competitive sports, all kinds of new things happening to them and their thinking changes about who they are and trying to figure out their purpose.

We understand what Middle Schoolers need to be strengthened in that environment.  We hope to meet them where they are at and help challenge them to grow in their journey during our events, serving opportunities, our annual trip to Believe that is life changing, overnight retreats and wild surprises. 


 High School 9th-12th Grade

Where the ground shifts and foundations are built.  There is a lot going on in High school from math that can make your head spin to figuring out how personal responsibility will define the future.  Students in High school are busy developing into the adults they soon will be and want to be.  We hope to help inspire the desire to be world changers and impactful to God’s Kingdom as well as to help them know that they matter. 

Student Life Ministry is designed for students in grades 9-12.  High School Ministry provides an authentic weekly environment to address questions that matter to them.   We also plan several big events throughout the year, go on impactful weekend retreats, provide service opportunities and spend a life changing week during the summer at CIY.

If you have any questions please contact the following pastors

Middle School Ministry Pastor, Shellee Alcorn

High School Ministry Pastor, Noah Hinson

Family Pastor, Jason Kauffman